All I've Ever Known

by Threads

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released December 15, 2014

Written by Threads
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Vudu Studios
Artwork by Threads

Thank you to everyone who ever gave us a chance, booked a show, or gave us a place to stay. All of you could have easily said no, but you didn't and we're most thankful for you. Thank you to Distances, Rory McAllister, Bradley Atom, Drew Justice, and Broken Rim Records.



all rights reserved


Threads Martinsburg, West Virginia

WV/MD hardcore -
Not for the weak.

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Track Name: Fall Apart
I want to go back to the end
and take back every word I said
I know it's hard, I spent so much time loving you from a far

I still can't sleep, everytime I try
I remember
Your hair
Those lips
That face
and those eyes

I can't believe I let this fall apart

I regret every word I said
I take it back don't let this be the end
This would be my luck
I'm not ready to give you up

I just never want to give you up
This would be my luck

I regret every word I said
I take it back don't let this be the end
I miss those eyes
I'm sorry I made you cry

I want to go back to the end
and take back every word I said
It's hard, I spent so much loving you from afar

I can't believe I let this fall apart
Track Name: Still Searching
Back and forth
Still searching
I'm okay
Just learning

On a bed of lies I fucking lay
Every fucking day
Simply waiting for death to take my fucking place

What can I do to make the pain fade away

I keep running blind
from the horrors in my mind
at the time I'm trying to find
an answer to this maddess I've been
searching for years
and I got this far just to drown in my own fear
Track Name: Good Luck
I know I'm not what you fucking want
Goodbye, Good luck I wish you the best
But I need to get a few things off of my chest

I look at you and it's hard to believe
there was a time you
meant something to me

You'll get the fate you deserve
I won't believe a word
You don't deserve to be happy

A liar and a fake
I was your mistake
I really hope he fucking hears this

A promise was something she could never keep
she stabbed you in the back when she was sleeping with me

Somethings never change

She stabbed you in the back when she was screaming my name
Track Name: Cutting Corners
Shut up
You're 21
pissed off at everyone for ignoring your big mouth
Daddy's money can't save you now

Your love for this scene spreads like a disease
You are a disease

The golden hue of who I once knew makes me sick
You make me sick

You're so naive to think this is okay
at the end of the day
You've learned nothing

You make me sickkkkkkk

Never again will I need your crutch
you ruin everything you touch

We've got you up against the ropes
in the end you'll know what it really feels like to be...
Track Name: Go Figure
I should have seen the signs
I could see it in your eyes
I was blinded by your beauty
A beautiful disguise

Swallow your pride

For the first time in your life
and see how selfish you can be
You think I'm a hypocrite
a lie no one would believe
You never tell the truth
and I'm living proof

What does that make you?

Hollow and cold
Just like the heart I once called my home

I know my past, is painted with black
I never thought I'd find my way back

You only care about you, Go Figure
I always knew it'd be you who pulled the trigger
Track Name: Man Enough
I wake up in disgust that's just what they want
Every day is a struggle when there's no one to trust
Don't pretend
You were ever there until the end
you saw your chance
then you were gone

I persevere I taught myself to
There's nothing left here
and it's all because
because of you

I was so young when darkness filled my head
You better man up soon before you end up dead

Hate's a strong word, but it's all l've ever known
You never cared, and it really fucking shows

I hate you, and the relationship we had
You'll never be my dad
I tried to forget the awful things you said
Fuck you, Am I man enough yet?
Track Name: Always Wrong
I've got this knot in my throat and it won't let me breathe

So many words, such little meaning
Why won't you wake me up and tell me I'm dreaming
I'd sacrifice every fiber in my being
For the chance to choose my place
A slave to you, I will remain

I loved them more than they could ever know
A love I never learned to show

I'm gonna be here if you life it or not
Someone has to stop this
Giving up is no longer an option
Track Name: Keep Running
Keep running your mouth
I will always feed off your negative energy
You act like I've never been wounded like this before
I'll never forget how many times
you fucking saved my life

Thank you for everything you never did for me
Thank you for showing me how to get out
I never knew how strong I could be
You'll never know how much that means to me

you not as friendly as you seem

You have no respect for anyone
I don't need you
I'm so fucking done

Keep Running Your Mouth

I would love to live in a world of peace
but as it seems
that's not fucking happening

I'm not here for your entertainment
I'm standing here to prove you all wrong
I finally found where I belong
With my friends, standing strong
Track Name: Never Enough
I know you go where ever you go
I'll never see that you'll never leave

It's been 3 years since that night
And I'm really scared she won't make it out this time
She's had it with this fucking life, full of empty promises and shattered dreams

I try to push through and kill her doubt but I always come out so fucking empty

Take my hand

if you never heard it before, you're worth more
than that rope
around your throat

Take my hand
we will make it together
through all our fear
we will make it out

I don't want you to die tonight
I know you're tired of searching for daylight

Ending your life won't make you a hero
But I'll call your bluff
I'm sorry my best was just never enough
Track Name: Slip Away
It's safe to say, I watched myself slip away
Blinded by those who never cared
I never thought I'd see the end of this year

I make the worst decisions
It's what I do and I have my reasons
So mind your own fucking business
I've had enough
I've fucking had enough

Why should I wait for someone to help me
When I'll just go numb

I've still never felt better
What if I can't keep it together
Track Name: Your Voice
It's been almost 5 years and not a thing has changed
When I hear the word perfect all I think is your name
My heart stops when you whisper, I love you

Then I wake up in cold sweat and that feeling vanished slowly
and the sound of you laughing fades to white noise
And I'm left sitting on the edge of my bed thinking
I'd kill to hear your voice

I can taste the distance in every kiss
I don't know what love is and I never did

But you were my scapegoat
instill me with all your hope
I'll be there
even though you don't care
Track Name: From Nothing
I wasted all my time
I didn't come this far to be left behind
Bruised, bloody, and barely breathing
I won't give up till my heart stops beating on

I'm only ever judged by my failures
nothing seems to work in my favor

and that's when
I prayed I was dead
asking a god to bring me an end
to all my worries, fear, and doubt
the same night I learned to trust myself
but its still hard

to move forward with your life
when you look failure in the face every fucking day
it's still hard

You try but can barely speak
I know you too well
I can tell what your thinking
You can't save me from sinking

So drown me in love
We all have to die from something